This ring is a beautiful 9ct yellow gold cluster set with a vibrant round deep coloured ruby which is surrounded by 18 round white brilliant cut diamonds all set within a fine edged gold mount, this ring sits comfortably and very low on the finger, and is a size M

Rubies perfect for engagement rings. They are one of the main precious gemstones along with diamond, sapphire & emeralds.

Rubies & sapphires  are almost as hard as diamonds so perfect for wearing everyday. the second hardest gemstone after the diamond.

All rubies have different shades and grades which makes each one unique, although the deepest red are the most desired.

It is thought that rubies are able to calm a lovers quarrel and if true love is not present the ruby will darken in colour, they are thought to bring contentment & energy into your life & set with white diamonds the ring will symbolise commitment & eternal love.

Rubies symbolize love, devotion, integrity, courage, vitality and happiness.

Rubies are the birthstone of people born in July, and the anniversary gift for 40 years of marriage.

The world’s finest rubies can be found in Burma, but they can also be found in Afghanistan, Australia, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States.