This is a  beautiful yet simple pendant which has been created in 9ct yellow gold with a single cultured opal in a classic claw set mount  with a white cubic zirconia at the base of the fixed bale, the pendant measures 15 mm (including the bale) x 8 mm, the opal has a good play of colour with lots of flashes of green & red.

The beauty of cultured opals is, it is a gemstone made almost the same way as a natural precious opal but all this is done within a fraction of time,usually a couple of years. Which is  unlike a natural opal which can take hundreds of years, The great thing with a cultured opal is you still get a wonderful play of colours as with a natural opal  but because it has been created within a laboratory, there is less water in the gem and  it is also hardened with a polymer resin which creates a stronger and harder wearing gem which is less likely to crack or damage unlike a natural opal which is prone to cracking when exposed to high temperatures or knocks.